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One Teacher and Two Students from Our Institute have Completed the China-U.S. Rising Star Tour
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China-U.S. Rising Star Tour was held in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu from January 8 to January 19 in 2018, which totally lasted 12 days. The event opened in Beijing. Ms. Liu Jiaming, the representative of the Ministry of Education, addressed the opening ceremony. 37 teachers and students are from 15 American universities and 3 domestic universities. Gu Wenjing, teacher of the International Communication and Cooperation Center and two students attended the event.


cultural experience

cultural experience


The theme of this tour is "Art and Design". During these 12 days, teachers and students form home and abroad got to know the special charm of China's vocational education through topics such as seminars, skills learning, youth dialogues, student presentations and cultural experiences . Ms Gu and two students also take this opportunity to publicize the aviation characteristics and education concept of ourinstituteto all the teachers and students.

Under the framework of U.S.-China Social and Cultural Dialogue (SCD), the Study Tour is considered to be a significant U.S.-China student short-term exchange program in the vocational and professional education sector. In 2016, our institute, one of the host institutions of China-U.S. Rising Star Tour, successfully completed the mission under the support of the college leaders and the cooperation of various faculties, leaving a deep impression on the U.S.-China teachers and students participating in the tour.

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